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#MoviesAndBooze: For A Few Movies More 2022

After a full TEN years and 500 episodes, the iconic #MoviesAndBooze Twitter hashtag game – the world’s longest running scheduled hashtag game which frequently topped the Irish trend – has a new baby brother, Movies And Booze: For A Few Movies More.

When there’s a M&B OB or special occasion I’ll roll up and chose a hashtag based on the content of #Moncrieff’s radio show during the previous week.

Here you’ll find the best of the bunch during 2022.

Top Three #GenZMovies – 4th November 2022

  • Pronoun and Out in Beverly Hills
  • You me and LGBT
  • When Harry Ghosted Sally

Top Three #HappyEndingMovies – 14th October 2022

  • Tugsy Malone
  • Throbbin’ Hood
  • Play Wristy For Me

Top Three #SlanderousMovies – 16th September 2022

  • Inappropriately Touching The Void
  • Ben Slur
  • The Sum Of All Smears

Top Three #LegoMovies – 5th August 2022

  • The Big Legoski
  • Debbie Does Duplo
  • Millennium FalCon Air

Top Three #BoJoMovies – 8th July 2022

  • Fuck/Off
  • A Nightmare On Downing Street
  • The BFG……Big Feckin’ Gowlbag