The Movies And Booze Hashtag Game 2012

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Now in its tenth year, the iconic #MoviesAndBooze Twitter hashtag game is the world’s longest running scheduled game and frequently tops the Irish trend. Each week I choose a hashtag based on the content of Sean Moncrieff’s Newstalk radio show during the week.

Here’s the list of the puntastic winners from 2012

  • Game 21: #peanutmovies: KPax. The Blue Legume. Ground Nuts Day.
  • Game 20: #mayanmovies: Apocalypse When? White Mayan Can’t Jump. Mayan Left Foot.
  • Game 19: #deadbirdmovies: One Fell Out Of the Cuckoo’s Nest. Wrong Tern. Pulp Chicken.
  • Game 18: #underwearmovies: The Panty Menace. A Street Bra Named Desire. Crotchless in Seattle.
  • Game 17: #spermmovies: Fertilising Miss Daisy. The Cervix. The 51st Prostate.
  • Game 16: #onesiemovies: A Zipper Runs Through It. Million Dollar Babygro. 21 Jump Suit.
  • Game 15: #boringmovies: The Hobbit: An Unaccepted Journey. Conan The Librarian. Das Pipe And Slippers.
  • Game 14: #hubrismovies: Jason And The Arrogance. Priding In Cars With Boys. Shaming Private Ryan.
  • Game 13: #yellowmovies: Saffron Private Ryan. The New Adventures of Tartrazine. Jaundice Carter.
  • Game 12: #droopmovies: Dial V For Viagra. There Won’t Be Blood. The Dark Knight Doesn’t Rise.
  • Game 11: #eyebrowmovies: Edward Tweezer Hands. Eye Brown Down. Arch Of The Penguins.
  • Game 10: #donkeymovies: Don-key-ixote. No Country For Foal Men. C-ass-ablanca
  • Game 9: #mingemovies: Shallow Minge. The Constant Lady Gardener. Curley Sue Got Married.
  • Game 8: #billmovies: There Will Be Ducks. Point Beak. Spider-Mandibles.
  • Game 7: #snakemovies: Mamba Mia. Anaconda in Sixty Seconds. Big Mamba’s House.
  • Game 6: #toemovies: Toenail & I. Toe Story. I Suck On Your Toe.
  • Game 5: #piemovies: The Pecan Brief. Pie Freedom. The Hills Have Pies.
  • Game 4: #fishmovies: Requiem for a Bream. Robocarp. Diary Of A Wimpy Squid.
  • Game 3: #beermovies: Hops Float. Stout Of Africa. Hoppy Gilmore.
  • Game 2: #potatomovies: Chippy Chippy Bang Bang. Spud Fiction. Mr. Magorium’s Golden Wonder Emporium.
  • Game 1: #binmovies: Bin-Hur. Forrest Dump. Wheel-E.